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Gold, Diamond and Estate Jewelry Buying

At M. Lemp Jewelers, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting best deal on your unwanted gold jewelry. We keep up to date with current market prices so that you are ensured to get top dollar when you sell your gold jewelry. The best part about selling your unwanted gold to M. Lemp Jewelers is that you cut out the middle man, and the fees that come with them.

All of M. Lemp Jewelers prices vary depending on the quality of the gold you are wanting to sell. Gold’s purity is determined by Karat.

In addition to buying gold, M Lemp Jewelers buys larger, finer diamonds and high quality and unusual estate jewelry. Please call 315-422-7228 to set up an appointment at the store with one of our diamond or jewelry buyers.

If you are new to the jewelry world, there may be some terminology you are not familiar with, such as the term “Karat”. Now, don’t mix this up with “carats”, which is the unit of measurement that determines a diamond or gemstone’s weight value. With gold, the term “Karat” refers to the metal’s purity. It is measured on a scale from 10-24. The more alloy metals that are mixed in with the gold, the lower the number of karat will be.

    • 24 Karat

      This is the purest form of gold. At this level, there are no alloys added to the metal, which leaves it rather soft, and impractical for use in most jewelry.

    • 18 Karat

      This is the second highest purity, and means that are 18 parts gold to 6 parts alloy metals. This is usually the ideal form for high quality jewelry.

    • 14 Karat

      The most common type of gold used for jewelry, it has 14 parts gold to 10 parts alloy metals.

    • 10 Karat

      This is the minimum standard in the U.S. for jewelry to be labeled “Gold”, and has 10 parts gold to 14 parts alloy metals.