The term "Cut" is often confused with a diamond’s shape. However, Cut and Shape are completely different. The shape of a diamond is how the diamond appears on the top. When the word cut is used by jewelers, it is referring to the diamond's reflective qualities. Quality of a diamond’s cut is a crucial part of the "4 C's of diamonds. A good cut provides brilliance to the diamond. Finish and angles of the stone lets you determine the diamond's ability to reflect and refract light, which results in its brilliance.

When a diamond has a good cut, light travels through it easily, adding to its inner fire. If a diamond is not cut properly, the light that enters through the table after reaching the facets will leak out from bottom or side, cutting down its brilliance, and making it less aesthetically pleasing.

There are three different styles of cuts. A good cut is what is known as an Ideal Cut. This is when a diamond is cut properly, and will give the stone its maximum brilliance.

A Deep Cut is one that will cause the light that enters to reflect out of the side. A deep cut is done by cutting the diamond at a steeper angle. This is usually done to help increase carat weight.

A Shallow Cut is a cut that will cause the light that enters to reflect through the bottom of the stone. This allows the least amount of light to bounce back, which will fail to show off the stone’s brilliance. This is also done in order to help preserve carat weight.