300 S Warren St

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M. Lemp Jewelers- quality and value since 1890

Welcome to M. Lemp Jewelers. Since 1890 we have been serving customers by helping them find fine diamonds and jewelry as well as precision time pieces. We are dedicated to ensuring a long lasting relationship with you, as well as finding you the best value. If you are new to the M. Lemp Jewelry family, then let us extend a warm welcome to you, and invite you to tour our website and online catalog Click Here.

Current location at 300 S Warren St, Syracuse, NY.

Current location at 300 S Warren St, Syracuse, NY.

Early 1900's, founder Michael Lemp pictured closest left.

Diamonds are not only a “girl’s best friend”, but are the time honored choice for engagements and for marking significant occasions. At M Lemp the sale of diamonds has always been a vital component of what we do and who we are. We procure the finest quality diamonds at the best value, place them in fine quality mountings of your choice, prepare them for your presentation, and supply all the needed documentation to affirm your selection. Whether it’s for a wedding proposal, anniversary, or any other special occasion, we hope you choose M. Lemp Jewelers to help you meet your needs. With M. Lemp Jewelers, you will find our professional staff is dedicated to serving you.

Thank you for coming by our website. Selecting jewelry doesn't have to be as complicated as it may seem. Trust M. Lemp Jewelers to make the buying experience a pleasurable and memorable one for you!

Michael Lemp 1870-1935

Walter C Lemp 1898-1975

Walter D Lemp 1925-2007